McCaskill doesn’t account for all refugee cases (PolitiFact Missouri)

During a January debate regarding Rex Tillerson’s nomination to U.S. Secretary of State, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, spoke out against what she claimed to be “misinformation” coming out of the White House on refugees looking to enter the United States.

McCaskill addressed the extreme vetting process refugees entering the United States had to undergo even before the ban introduced by Donald Trump on Jan. 27, which temporarily blocked refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries. To reach the United States, she said, refugees must first go through international powers.

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.politifact.com/missouri/statements/2017/apr/24/claire-mccaskill/mccaskill-doesnt-account-all-refugee-cases/


In November 2016, I was a contributor for Global Journalist’s “Project Exile” series, where journalists in exile from around the world are interviewed on press freedom issues in their countries. I found and interviewed Buya Jammeh, a journalist who fled from Gambia, only to be attacked in neighboring Senegal. He has since found refuge in New York. For more, read the article below! 

“When they arrested them, I was in hiding for five days.”

After graduating from high school in 2001, Buya Jammeh dreamed of becoming a journalist.

That was no easy career path in his home country of The Gambia, a tiny West African nation with no formal journalism education programs that is ruled by one of the world’s more eccentric presidents, Yahya Jammeh.

Buya Jammeh (via Gambia Media Support)

FULL ARTICLE: http://globaljournalist.org/2016/11/project-exile-run-gambias-security-forces/



Renowned filmmaker Spike Lee spoke to students and faculty during an invite-only master class on MU’s campus Wednesday afternoon.

Stacey Woelfel, director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism at MU, helped coordinate the event. He said discussions for Lee to teach a master class started during Lee’s previous visit to Columbia.
Woelfel said Lee was invited to campus as part of an ongoing series where students hear from filmmakers first-hand on their work in the film industry.

Spike Lee, he said, is the biggest name in the series so far.

FULL ARTICLE: http://kbia.org/post/filmmaker-spike-lee-speaks-mu



More than 1,300 volunteers participated in Cleanup Columbia on Saturday, an annual event where people all over the city pick up litter along streets, streams and trails.

Leigh Kottwitz, the neighborhood services manager for the city of Columbia, coordinates the event every year in partnership with the city’s volunteer program staff.  She said the best part about Cleanup Columbia is that it brings people together.

“For the participants, there is a lot of power in being a part of an event where hundreds of other volunteers are also a part of, and volunteers really enjoy being a part of a large event like this where it’s not just their effort, but it’s multiplied by hundreds of other people that are doing something similar to what they’re doing,” Kottwitz said.

Volunteering for events like this, she said, helps residents feel pride in their own communities.

FULL ARTICLE: http://kbia.org/post/volunteers-clean-columbia-annual-event


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