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Infographic: A Guide to True/False Films

Full page spread published in the Columbia Missourian in March 2017. 

Map, buildings, text and icons all designed from scratch using Illustrator.                             

TrueFalse (1)-page-001.jpg

County Map: ACA Coverage in Missouri

A map detailing ACA coverage by county in the state of Missouri. Published in the Columbia Missourian in February 2017.

Created using a county map template, all designed using Illustrator.



City map: Addison’s South in Columbia

A map showing business plans for Addison’s South in Columbia, Missouri. Published March 2017 in the Columbia Missourian.

Created using Illustrator and Google Maps.



Simple Line Graph: Police Response Times in Columbia, Missouri

A simple line graph showing an increase in police response times in Missouri. Published in the Columbia Missourian in January 2017.

Created using Highcharts for web, and Illustrator for print.

line graph