ORIGAMI ● The Bar Envelope

J4806, Origami


For personalized cards for the holidays or simply a personal letter for family and friends, take a stab at this unique envelope with an elegant touch.

The Bar Envelope

1. As always, start with a thin, square piece of decorative paper. For a more narrow envelope, the squarer the paper you’ll want.


2. Fold your paper in half horizontally. 


3. Then, fold the top layer down to the bottommost edge.

4. Fold the bottom edge up to the top. Unfold.

5. Fold bottom edge to the crease you just made, then up to the top edge.


6. Fold the top of the paper downwards to the point shown. Unfold.

7. Then, fold in the bottom corners of your figure.


8. Using the triangles you just made as a guide, fold in the left and right edges of your figure. Unfold.

9. Then, completely unfold your figure up to this point.

10. Using your existing folds, fold the edges inwards to create two triangles, like so.

11. Fold this top flap down along the existing fold.

12. Then, bring the edges of your paper in one more time.

13. Tuck the bottom corners of your piece into themselves. Then, tuck the top corners into themselves to make the shape below.


14. Fold the corners into themselves one more time. Then tuck this lip into the envelope you just created!

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