ORIGAMI ● The Jumping Frog

J4806, Origami

The jumping frog – a traditional origami figure. With it’s interactivity and simple design, this is a great activity for kids!

The Jumping Frog

1. Start with a long, rectangular piece of paper for this one, as shown below. Fold it in half, with the decorative side down. Unfold.



3. Then, fold the top corners of your piece down to the opposite sides of your paper. Unfold. Do this to both sides.

4. Fold your piece horizontally where the diagonal creases meet. Unfold.


5. Then, fold the figure into itself so that an outer triangle is made, like so.

6. Fold the left and right corners of your triangle upwards to form a diamond.

7. Then, bring the outer edges of your figure into the center crease.

8. Fold the bottommost edge upwards.

9. Then, fold it back down. Turn your paper over, and you have a frog!

Don’t forget to pencil in the eyes!


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