ORIGAMI ● The Bunny

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It’s not Easter yet but this week – a pink bunny!

I have to say I had fun with this one. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love EVERYTHING and ANYTHING cute and girly, so when I saw this online I pretty much died. Okay, maybe that’s a teeensy bit dramatic, but tell me this bunny isn’t adorable!

This is actually a piece I’d been meaning to try for a while now, but every time I attempted it, either the ears were too floppy, the feet were too flat or I just wasn’t using the right paper. Today I finally managed to pull it off and after a bit of practice, it isn’t as hard as you would think! Anyway, let’s get to it then. Find a sheet of paper and follow along!

The Bunny

1. As always, start with a thin, decorative square piece of paper. The more decorative, the better!


2. Fold your paper in half – both horizontally and vertically.

3. Bring the top and bottom edges of your paper into the center horizontal fold. Unfold.


4. Bring the left and right edges of your paper into the vertical center fold. Unfold.


5. Fold in the bottom most corners of your paper, like so. Unfold.

6. Fold your paper in half diagonally. Unfold.

7. Do the same to the other side. Unfold.

8. Fold the left and right edges of your paper into the center crease.


9. Then, tuck the bottom left and right corners into themselves so that they form smaller triangles, like so.

10. Do this to both sides.

11. Pinch the top part of the triangles you just made and fold them other to the other side of your shape.


12. Then, flip your paper over.

2613. Fold the outer edges of your paper into the center fold so that two thinner triangles are formed, like so. (First image) Then, flip your paper over. (Second image) 

14. Fold the rhombus you see over to the other side. Then flatten your shape.

15. Turn your paper over. Then, make a small crease at the tip of your shape.


16. Fold your shape directly in half. Then, use some force to pull up the ears and flatten your shape. 

17. Fold your shape diagonally down so that the bottommost corner juts out from the bottom. This is what will become the feet.


18. Unfold your shape from the bottom and tuck the fold you just made inside itself.


Your bunny should be able to stand now!


19. Now for the ears – my favorite part. First, fold them forward.


20. Then, looking at the bunny directly, fold them downward. Unfold. 


21. Then, push the ears inward so they stick straight up.

And voila, a bunny! Fun, simple and so cute! Try it at home today 🙂



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