ORIGAMI ● Simple heart

J4806, Origami
For this week’s post, I decided to learn how to fold an origami heart.

It’s one of the more traditional paper foldings in Japan, and when I realized it was one I hadn’t learned yet, I had to try it out! While it may look pretty simple at first glance, like a lot of origami, I learned that there is more to this little heart than meets the eye.

Try it out for yourself here:

The Heart

1) As always, find a thin, decorative 4 x 4 sheet of paper. For today’s heart, naturally I chose red. 

2) Turn the sheet to the white side and fold it horizontally and diagonally. Unfold.
3) Fold both sides in to the center fold, like so:
3) Fold the bottom-most corners up to the center fold so that you form a triangle. Do this to both sides. Unfold.
4) The folds you’ve made should now make a diamond in the center of your shape. Fold the left and right edges of your shape into the corners of the diamond. Unfold.
5) Fold in all corners of your shape.
6) Now here’s where it gets a little tricky. Pinch in your shape on both sides, as shown below.Then, push the bottom of your shape onto a flat surface so that you form a diamond.
7) Flatten the triangles that are against the flat surface horizontally, and you should get a heart-ish shape like this:
8) So now you have a heart that looks a little too pointy. Fold in the corners of those top two points. 
9) Finally, do a reverse fold on those points so that the heart is curvier. Conducting a reverse fold means pushing the corners into the shape so that they aren’t seen, like so:
10) And voila! You have yourself an origami heart in just ten steps. It wasn’t THAT hard, now was it?
Try it today!

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