BLOG ● Fall 2016: A semester of firsts and the power of introversion

J4806, Personal
Your 20’s, to me, is a glorious decade of pure creative freedom. It’s your time to travel. To pave your own path. To find out who you are (or aren’t) in the best way you know how. But like many other 20-something year olds, looking towards my own future is equal parts promising and bright as it is mysterious and daunting. Routinely I will wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself the same questions: What will the future hold? Will I be who I want to be? Will I accomplish all that I wish to accomplish?


And what if I don’t?

While I feel like I have done a pretty good job at living and working outside of my comfort zone in recent years, routinely I have found myself plagued with self doubt. I’m sure many other people can relate, but this overwhelming feeling has stopped me from doing many of the things I have wanted to do, both in my personal and professional worlds.

Recognizing this, I made it a goal to throw myself into many creative endeavors this year, regardless of how scared I might be of the aftermaths. Consequently enough, Fall 2016 will be a semester of firsts.

I’m excited. So excited. But also ridiculously terrified.

Among many of the firsts this semester, one of the ones I am anticipating the most is the opportunity I’ve accepted to work as an anchor at KBIA. This is a position I have never filled before but am extremely excited to try.
The things is, if I could somehow travel back in time and tell 15-year-old me that I would one day be an anchor at a real radio station, broadcasting for the world to hear, she would have completely flipped.

This might come as a surprise to some people, but I grew up the shyest person in school. While I was always one to pave my own path regardless of what everyone else thought – adding a bit of flare to my bland school uniforms with handmade bows and filling my crazy, unkempt hair with chunks of rainbow ties – as a child, I was incredibly shy. I loathed class presentations and sometimes I would be SO quiet I’d keep count of how many words I spoke in one day. While I feel like I have grown way past that stage in my life today, the shyness in me still comes to the forefront sometimes. I can be selective with the situations and people I invite into my life and I still find it difficult to speak in front of a group.

That being said, I’d like to see my new position at KBIA as a milestone of how much I’ve grown in the last 6 or 7 years. Perhaps more importantly, I see it as evidence of how much I’ve managed to stay true to my creative endeavors. As shy as I have been in the past, I have always found solace in creative outlets, letting my interest in them guide me in life and ultimately, across the country. Recently I feel like it’s been paying off and showing through.

Not to say that being shy has always been a disadvantage – it hasn’t. Being introverted in some situations is not a crime. If anything, it has given me the intuition I need to bring my chosen career to brand new heights. Sometimes it takes intuition and a deep understanding of individuals to get that soundbite. To conduct that interview. And I credit the introverted part of me for that.

So what’s the point of this word vomit of a post?
I guess it’s to say, recognize that life is a constant progression. Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t let the fear of failure or the how the future will pan out get in the way of anything and everything you want to accomplish.

One day, your future self will thank you for it.

Oh yeah, and I’m really, REALLY excited for this semester.

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